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West Bengal to hold PG Entrance Exam in 2014

West Bengal State Universities to hold a common entrance test for admission into postgraduate courses from next year, with the University’s reserved quotas of 95% for its own students to be scaled down to 60% in the beginning.


Kolkota: The West Bengal Government will introduce common entrance test ( CET) for admission into postgraduate courses of State University’s in order to ensure a level playing field for students across the state vying for admission into some of the prestigious institutions.

Currently, Universities follow a system in which 95% seats for postgraduate courses are reserved for the University’s own students.

In 2012, with the aim of increasing student quality and mobility between institutions, a 15 body committee chaired by Economist Abhirup Sarkar, had first proposed a CET,. The current system had put students aspiring for seats in prestigious Universities such as Jadavpur University and Calcutta University in a huge disadvantage as compared to their peers.

The CET was proposed to be implemented in 2013, but was later postponed citing infrastructure problems . Instead University’s had been instructed to allot 40 % of seats to candidates from other institutions. Jadavpur University had avoided the proposal, citing that their admission process had already begun before the government’s order came out.

The CET is now to be implemented in mid 2014, with all universities, except those offering interdisciplinary courses taking part. The CET blueprint will be submitted to the Higher education department by the The West Bengal Council of Higher Education. The results are proposed to be declared within a month after the test.

Council chairman Abhijeet Chakraborty stated that Initially ,only courses in 20 core subjects in arts, science and commerce would be included in the first CET, with allied subjects being kept out. The 100 mark test would be set in a weimar sheet( which allows students to take a copy of the test with them). Whether the test will be conducted by a private agency or the College Service Commission hasn’t been decided yet.

The test would only be open to students with honours or major degrees, with weightage split 50-50 between the test score and the criteria of the University. Universities may prepare an admission list based on the CET score, while students can also apply apply to their choice of University’s , based on the merit list.

The proposal is now up before the various executive decision making bodies of the university’s such as the Calcutta University’s Syndicate, where the proposal has to be adopted as a resolution in the said body.

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