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Visible mis-match between the stands of the Govt and the IITs on Common Counselling

Even though the Union Human Resource & Development (HRD) ministry has vowed to implement on the proposal to conduct common counselling for the IITs and the NITs from the coming academic season and even went on filing an affidavit in the court, it seems as if the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are not yet prepared for the move.

In an interesting twist to the whole issue, the counsel representing the IITs told the court that it wouldn’t be possible to conduct a common counselling from the 2015 session.

According to the IIT counsel, the software which is necessary for smooth conduct of the common counselling is unlikely to be thoroughly tested in use by June or July when admissions for the new academic year will begin. The software mentioned by the IIT counsel is currently being developed by the experts at the National Informatics Center.

To resolve the issue competently and without any hassles, the IITs have suggested a “synchronized admission counselling” (to be done separately by the IITs and the NITs).

Meanwhile, the court was told that the matter will be raised in a meeting among the concerned parties on March 24. The court subsequently posted the matter for March 25.

Pranav Sachdeva, also appearing for Kumar, told the ToI: “We are going to press for implementation from this year. It is contempt of court.”

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He also stated that the IITs are resisting the government’s move because they would rather prefer keeping seats vacant without letting the world know that many students actually prefer National Institute of Technology (NITs) over IITs.

The HRD ministry, in an affidavit filed in February 2015, said “… the common counselling seat allocation in respect of IITs and NITs will commence from the academic session 2015-16 through the Joint Seat Allocation Authority.”

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