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Union Health Ministry plans common entrance test for MBBS

Common Entrance Test

The Union Health Ministry is planning to introduce a nation-wide common entrance test (CET) for admission to UG medical courses across the country. Because of many MBBS doctors lacking in their skills, the move would level the playing field for meritorious students, instead of allowing seats to go to the wealthy class through the means of capitation fee.

The ministry received the support of a team of lawmakers, who asked the government to remove hindrances to start the common entrance test for MBBS, so that merit should become the criterion for admission to medical colleges.

If only one common entrance test is conducted and admissions are given on the basis of the result of that test, corrupt and money-minded businessmen operating in the field of education would be restricted to stop their dishonest practices and it would help the deserving cum meritorious students a lot.

The Medical Council of India (MCI) had already recommended an amendment to the Indian Medical Council (IMC) Act, in order to authorize the body to conduct a nationwide common medical entrance test.

As per the prevailing practice, the medical seats in private colleges are allotted on the basis of capitation fee in lakhs. Because of this system, the most meritorious and underprivileged students who can’t pay for the seats, suffer a lot. A common entrance test for MBBS will maintain the quality of the skills that an MBBS graduate should possess.

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  1. SuccessCDs says:

    Even the Hon’ble Supreme court has allowed NEET( common entrance test) to be conducted for admission to medical colleges in India. Also see this…..http://edunews.successcds.net/sc-allows-neet-for-admission-to-medical-courses-114100.html

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