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UGC rolls out new website to receive Students Complaints

The University Grants Commission (UGC) launched a new website to allow students to register their grievances, send reminders as well as check the status of action-taken in connection with their complaint or concern.

Students can use this new portal to register their complaints with regard to reservation policy, faulty admission process, or discrimination on the basis of caste. In addition, they can also complaint about non-declaration of results through the UGC official website.

According to a statement issued by the Human Resource and Development ministry, complaints regarding sexual harassment cases, victimization of students, lack of proper facilities in institutes, non-payment of fellowships and scholarships can also be filed using the website.

The website was officially launched by the HRD minister Smriti Irani in New Delhi.

“The aim of the portal is to ensure transparency in admission and curbing unfair practices in higher education institutions and provide effective mechanism for redressal of the grievances,” said the ministry.

In order to ensure that the new system is efficient and effective, each UGC affiliated university has appointed a dedicated nodal officer who will be responsible for redressal of the grievances of their students.

Upon completion of the registration process, the complainant will be able to see the email id, cell phone number and other important details of his or her nodal officer. Similarly, the nodal officer will also have access to the contact details of the complainants so he/she can reach out to them in order to resolve their grievances.

The nodal officer will be held accountable for resolving a grievance in a timely manner. If he is unable to take care of a complaint within the stipulated deadline, reminders will be sent out to him in every two weeks to do the needful at the earliest.

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