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UGC to recognise Online Degrees soon

UGC to recognise online degree courses! Good news.

Students, working professionals, and homemakers can all possibly obtain a degree online and, it will be recognised by higher education regulator, the University Grants Commission.

The Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry has decided to allow universities to offer online degree courses and is drafting rules for the same as reported by HT .  Universities will be able to offer online degrees in various fields, except engineering, medicine, dental, pharmacy; nursing; architecture and physiotherapy after the rules are formatted.

This practice of online education will encourage the course of earning while learning. UGC is all set to give a nod of affirmation to such courses available online offered by various institutions in India soon. Students can do Online Courses to fetch degrees in their respective areas of interests; while working for various firms to gain work experience and fund their own education.

Various important factors under consideration:  

  • A student can get a degree by enrolling in a university online, does not have to attend classes but follow the procedure and rules provided by the UGC to get the recognized degree.  
  • The draft has been discussed before the UGC and the HRD ministry recently.
  • From this year, the government has allowed universities to offer 20% of their course material to be put up online access to the enrolled candidates
  • The Ministry has started preparing draft regulations for online programs that will allow universities and higher educational institutes to offer degrees by conducting exams online.
  • The plan is that Students will not be required to attend classes but will take e-tutorials to help them understand the concepts.
  • To qualify, a university would have to be NAAC-accredited with a minimum score of 3.25 on a four-point scale to ensure quality.
  • Aadhaar will be involved to verify the identity of learners at the time of application as well as through the duration of the program, including examinations.
  • The programs will be considered for conventional learners and working professionals depending on the institute.
  • A mechanism such as the counseling process, online application processing, and fee payment will also be provided online other than the main subject online learning.

It is indeed a great boon for the Education sector which would be able to revolutionize the entire “Education System” and support the aspiring a candidates who have to earn and learn at the same time.




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