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UGC-NET Persian paper: shocking results, all candidates fail

UGCThe results of the UGC-NET Persian paper were declared on September 29. Interestingly, out of the 125 questions in the paper, 94 allegedly had wrong answers. Not a single candidate got qualified in the exam, and to get the results re-evaluated, students may have to pay more than Rs 90,000.

According to a CBSE answer key, answers have puzzled teachers and students alike. It is suspected that some technician may have uploaded the incorrect answer key. The All India Persian Teachers’ Association, students and teachers across states have written to both the UGC and the CBSE, but the matter has not been resolved till date.

UGC Chairperson Ved Prakash claimed that they have not received any such complaint. However, if any complaint is forwarded to us, we have a provision under which they can challenge the result within 30 days of its declaration and for a one-time fee of Rs 5,000.

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However, students reiterated that they were told by the UGC authorities to follow the standard procedure of complaint redressal and pay Rs 1,000 per question to dispute the answer. They are not accepting their own fault, and how can they expect each examinee to pay more than Rs.90,000. The problem seems to more complicated for UGC-NET aspirants who are from outside states and not from Delhi.

CBSE sources clarified that the answer keys were released on August 18 and were open to the public till August 24. Not a single candidate challenged the Persian keys, and now the board has received complaints regarding other papers.

On Tuesday, the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) organised a protest outside the UGC office. They are requesting the UGC to constitute a panel to look into the irregularity.

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