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UGC NET eligibility lowered for OBC aspirants

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has agreed to lower the eligibility criteria for OBC students undertaking the National Eligibility Test (NET) by further decreasing the minimum score to 55 per cent. The UGC NET is a qualifying paper taken by candidates who want to get into teaching for higher education institutes.

The reason cited for this relaxation is the number of OBC and SC/ST teaching positions that remain vacant at higher education institutes. There are a number of vacancies all over the nation in institutes and universities amounting to almost 40 per cent and this number is said to be in the SC/ST and OBC category. The decision was also put in motion following a court case where the matter was brought up.

Up till now the OBC aspirant had to achieve a minimum score of 60 per cent, which now has been lowered by five per cent and brought down to be at equivalent with the qualifying score of SC/ST candidates who also have the liberty of a 55 per cent qualifying score.

The National Educational Testing Bureau of University Grants Commission (UGC) conducts National Eligibility Test (NET) to determine eligibility for lectureship and for award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) for Indian nationals in order to ensure minimum standards for the entrants in the teaching profession and research. The Test is conducted in Humanities (including languages), Social Sciences, Forensic Science, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science and Applications and Electronic Science. 

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