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UGC issues fresh ultimatum to Delhi University over FYUP

With Delhi University (DU) still standing tall and strong in its path, refusing to scrap the First Year Undergraduate programme (FYUP)  the University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued a fresh ultimatum to DU’s registrar on Wednesday to immediately start the admission process for the undergraduate courses. Based on the directive by the UGC, DU will issue notifications to the colleges to begin the admission process in the next two days.

DU sources have confirmed that UGC has sent a directive to the register to start the admissions by Thursday. Also, three DU officials, pro vice chancellor Sudhish Pachauri, dean of colleges Malashri Lal and Professor Umesh Rai from South Campus were summoned by the Commission for instructing them to do the same.

Earlier on Wednesday, the President of the DU Principals Association, the group of 64 principals of DU colleges has said that the admissions should start only by Monday as confusion reigned supreme over the admissions in the absence of a clear cut notice from the concerned authority. The group has also planned a meeting with the UGC and DU’s vice chancellor.

A move was also initiated by the group for a three year programme that can be easily devised by reverting to several features of the old semester format and by drastically reducing the existing courses that do not fall under the honors stream. For the Bachelor of Technology Courses, the proposal states that the existing ones should be left untouched and a reduction should be made in the number of foundation courses.

Students in the first year of FYUC can benefit from a reduction of foundation courses in the second year, which can be replaced by the required number of discipline courses. But the move was not accepted by all, citing there is nothing new in the programme.

SK Garg, president, DU Principals Association has confirmed that 57 out of 64 colleges have accepted the UGC’s decision to revert to the three year undergraduate programme, Although the other three were unable to send their directive, still they are united in their principle.

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