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UGC declines permission for new engineering and management colleges

The University Grants Commission has brought the engineering and management colleges wanting to increase their intake or wanting to set up new branches to a standstill. UGC has said no to formation of new engineering and management colleges in India and the addition to their seats for at least a year.

The decision, which some might add is an apt one, has been called keeping in mind the existing colleges and institutes for Management and Engineering. UGC specified in its decision that this is so that the existing colleges can benefit rather than only a handful of them. The decision is applicable for both engineering and management colleges.

There is an existing 30 per cent of seats that are left vacant in Management colleges where as the per cent of vacant seats is 20 to 30 in engineering colleges in the country. The large number of vacant seats that are left in both these streams colleges also pushed the UGC towards taking the decision.

Prof. D.N. Reddy, Member, UGC Commission, reported as per The Hindu, “Only north-east States have filled up majority of seats in both the streams while the situation is different in other parts of the country. More so, in South India where vacant seats are massive,” excerpted confirming the news for the UGCs decision to put on hold the intake of Management and Engineering colleges.

It was also made evident by Prof. Reddy that the court has ordered that the permission process is completed before April 30 each year. This has been done as by the time permission process ends there is hardly any time left for calling fresh applicants and their approvals.

The Supreme Court also ruled last year that AICTE doesn’t have any authority over the universities or colleges with regard to courses also contributed to the decision. After the UGC was entrusted with the functioning of AICTE by the HRD Ministry, a three member committee was constituted with Prof. DN. Reddy, Prof. Dhande and Prof. Ansari to frame the guidelines. This committee has submitted its report and the MHRD has approved the panel’s report adopting the new guidelines.

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