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Two JEE Mains from next year: CBSE

As we all know that the single Joint Entrance Examination for IIT was conducted for the first time in 2013 for admissions to top IITs and other engineering colleges, stressful enough for students as it was split into two-the Mains and the Advanced.

Now, the CBSE board, which conducts the JEE Mains, is proposing two Main tests for 2014, one in February and one in April. The final decision on this will be taken at a meeting of the Joint Entrance Examination Apex body on September 17.

Two JEE Mains from next year: CBSE. According to the CBSE official, the logic is that candidates can take both the exams and the best score of the two will be considered for the JEE-Advanced.

Students of ICSE and state board will have to study separate portions of the CBSE syllabus to prepare for the first of the JEE Mains, also to be held in February.

The CBSE official said it would be ensured that the JEE-Main exam dates in February do not clash with the February board exams.

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4 Responses to “Two JEE Mains from next year: CBSE”

  1. right move. says:

    They are further increasing the burden of exams on students.

  2. sudhirkumar jha says:

    its a very bad idea as in feb. students are tens for the board examination so i feel it is not a help to reduce stress instead it is adding and wasting resource.

  3. Ajinkya Pandit says:

    That’s good we will be able to study more and score more but the pattern should change in 2nd xm as to compete with CBSE…..

  4. rishabh jalan says:

    It absolutely the worst that they can impose on students.
    They should think twice before passing this publicily, how students of other boards will face all this chaos.