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Tuition fees may increase drastically in Top Engineering Colleges

With the vision of implementing on a nine-year old law that scraps the provision of subsidized seats for meritorious students in private engineering colleges, the state government is preparing to hard-sell a brand new subsidy model to all private colleges.

The proposal regarding the new subsidy model will be raised during a crucial meeting in Bengaluru on Thursday.

The new subsidy model will be facilitated by the Karnataka Professional Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admission and Determination of Fee) Act, 2006. The Act is meant for streamlining admission into private engineering and medical colleges, but without the low-fee government quota seats.

Under this Act, the tuition fees in several reputed private engineering colleges are likely to increase significantly as a Fee Regulatory Committee (FRC) headed by an eminent retired High Court Judge prepares a chart of tuition fee for individual colleges based on a number of important metrics such as, infrastructure, expenditure, location, and cost-per-student.

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The government is proposing that private engineering colleges should grant subsidized tuition fee to meritorious students who secured high ranks in their entrance exams. Meanwhile, the government plans to conduct a separate entrance test for government-funded colleges.

“This is an option we are examining, to subsidise fees for economically-backward meritorious students. The final call has to come from the chief minister, who is also the finance minister,” higher education minister RV Deshpande said.

A senior official explained: “It is only in the top 20 colleges that we face this problem. The fee in other colleges won’t be high because they lack the kind of infrastructure the top ones have. Private colleges can provide fee concessions for merit students ranked 1 to 10,000 or even 20,000. This will solve the problem.” [Source: Economic Times]

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