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Tough battle ahead for admissions in Kerela private medical colleges

The contentious issue of admissions to MBBS seats for Kerela Private Medical colleges is showing no signs of abating this year, with the KPMCMA (Kerala Private Medical College Managements Association) hardening its stance against a seat sharing arrangement proposed by the government. The KPMCMA is the governing body comprising 11 Pvt.

Medical colleges, with a total of 1100 MBBS seats between them.The main sticking point between the KPMCMA and the government is the government’s decision to continue to allow the management of Christian Medical Colleges to follow the ‘equal fee’ policy by institutes under them (Christian management).

Arguing against this, the President of the KPMCMA, Dr Fazal Gafoor in his statement said that the government’s same fees policy effectively compromises the 50:50 seat sharing between the govt and Pvt. Colleges as under this proposal, students admitted under govt quotas would also have to pay the much higher fees.

Dr Gafoor further added that while students admitted under government quota to Pvt. Colleges under KPMCMA paid 1 lakh INR per annum; colleges under Christian managements charged a fee of 4 lakh INR for the same period. He said that the point of reserving 50 per cent seats under the government quota was to give opportunities to meritorious students from financially weaker backgrounds, and that different fee structures in different colleges for the same academic course should not be allowed.

When questioned if the KPMCMA would opt for a separate admission test under these circumstances, Dr Gafoor in his statement added that the association might be forced to entertain this eventuality if there was a lack of a sufficient number of candidates who qualify the medical entrance test held by the State government.

In a rebuttal, Kerala Christian Professional College Managements’ Federation spokesperson George Paul argued that while a equal fee structure for all students had always been demanded by the Federation and the system had been in place for quite a while now; 10 percent of students admitted under government quota, belonging to weaker financial backgrounds were eligible for a scholarship utilizing funds generated by the managements of the various Christian Medical colleges.

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