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Telangana Government to establish its own health university

The state government of Telangana (TS) is in talks to establish its own health university . The government also seeks to bring all medical education related issues like MBBS, Medical PG, paramedical admission counselling and even medical colleges’ related admissions and affiliations under the fold of the perceived university.

Presently the Telangana government is solely dependent on the NTR Health University, situated in the Andhra region of Vijayawada for MBBS and other paramedical admissions. But now, the government wants to initiate its own reforms in the sector of medical education and health care as it has become nearly impossible to proceed with things in a combined venture. This has eventually led the chief minister office’s and the health ministry to initiate steps for establishing its own university and put a limit to its dependency on NTR Health University for MBBS admission and other medical issues at least by the following year.

As per confirmation from sources in the health ministry of Telangana, the file pertaining to setting up a new health university is already up for approval in the health ministry’s office. Final clearance form the chief minister’s office is also expected in the next two to three days.

Sources also revealed that once the process gets the final nod, the government is also planning to seek the approval of state legislator in the form of an ordinance. This move will mainly be attempted to clear all hurdles and establish the university at the earliest.

It is also worth noting that there is no separate body in Telangana to look after the various medical education administrative related issues and also the MBBS admission process in the Telangana Medical Colleges. According to the government, the setting up of a separate health university is the only solution to address the various issues and cater to the sector of medical education in the state.

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2 Responses to “Telangana Government to establish its own health university”

  1. Sharath Chandra says:

    Thank You Bangaram for the Telangana University, Justice will be done and the Telangana Fellow will enjoy Life as a Doctor !

  2. ashwathi says:

    Our very own telangana health university is a boon.hats off to our health minister Dr Rajiah garu.

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