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Telangana engg colleges threaten to move out of EAMCET

Seems like a mutual consensus over the long standing EAMCET engineering admission controversy is unlikely to be achieved anytime soon. In fact, the situation has worsen with the newly formed Telangana government cancelling JNTU-H affiliation of 174 engineering colleges across the state citing sub-standard facilities.

Following this move by the government, the Telangana Engineering Professional College Managements’ Association (TEPCMA) has decided to approach the judiciary for resolving the issue. However, because the High Court was not in session, TEPCMA filed a house motion petition on Monday.

“Irrespective of the outcome, all 315 engineering and pharmacy colleges in the State will remain united and decide whether or not the 140 enlisted colleges should participate in the admission process,” declared N Goutham Rao, Chairman, TEPCMA.

The association expressed its concern over the motive of the Telangana government because all other colleges affiliated to Osmania, Mahatma Gandhi and Kakatiya universities did not have to face the cracking of its whip. The Association further argued that there was no need to have an additional round of government-inspection after the AICTE already concluded the process earlier this year in April.

According to data available in the public domain, a total of 80,479 candidates in Telangana qualified for the EAMCET. After the declaration of immediate supplementary results, the total number of eligible candidates further increased to 95,000.

“Considering that many students joined IITs, NITs and deemed universities in neighbouring states due to controversy surrounding EAMCET admissions, the shortfall of seats will not make any difference as the student-seat ratio will be 1:1,” said a senior official.

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