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Teachers apprehensive over CBSE handling the UGC NET

The recent decision of the University Grants Commission to offload the contentious National Eligibility Test (NET) to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has sparked controversies among teachers across various universities. The teachers have expressed their grave apprehensions over a school board conducting the UGC NET , a test for teacher recruitment in higher educational institutions.

Teachers from the same quarters routinely blame CBSE for its single mark objective questions and for doling out marks at such a rate that it has become nearly impossible for colleges to churn out ways for admission.

Arun Kumar, president, Jawaharlal Nehru University Teacher’s Association (JNUTA), raised objections to such a test and its mechanical way of judging. Irrespective of the point who conducts it, he added that the test is not the best way to exercise eligibility for teaching and research. With such tests, candidates are only reduced to play the game of beating the system and the problem is doubled by placing it under a school board.

Lately, the NET has been considered in-adequate for assessing competence in humanities. “A couple of years ago they changed the format and all questions became multiple choice”, says Kanika Sharma, a NET qualifier in 2012.

Many teachers have also opined that keeping the pattern of the exam same and just changing the authority will not serve any purpose. According to some, the UGC should completely scrap the exam for M Phil degree holders.

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2 Responses to “Teachers apprehensive over CBSE handling the UGC NET”

  1. manoj Sebastian says:

    It is shame , tomorrow they may recommend B.Ed for lecturers
    Let them fist handover Computer science and Electronics to CSIR

  2. Dr K N SINGH says:

    its positive steps lets see which way they conducts.

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