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Tamil Nadu doctors protest against NEET PG


Tamil Nadu doctors demands sustaining Federal system against NEET PG

The doctors in Tamil Nadu are protesting against the system of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Postgraduate Admissions (NEET- PG). The Tamil Nadu state offers 50 percent reservation of seats to the doctors serving in government institutions. Such reservations would not be available in NEET PG.
NEET PG puts the medical practitioners serving in government hospitals at a disadvantage as they don’t get much time to prepare for the national level exam. Their time schedule is different from the doctors serving in private hospitals and it means they have lesser hours to study and hence their ranking may be affected.
Since India has a federal system of governance. Therefore the Centre is not expected to impose its rules on the state government.
The brochure of the NEET implies:

  1. 90 out of 100 marks will be proportionate to the score obtained in the test. 10 marks will be based on the services after completing MBBS.
  2. Out of the 10, one mark for every year of experience, and one mark for every year of service in rural area.
  3. Two marks will be awarded to candidates with service experience in government hospitals in Thiruvarur, Nagapattinam and Ramanathapuram districts.

Most doctors at the protest site felt that a majority of seats are allotted to doctors in remote areas, and that very few seats will be given to those working in other rural Primary Health Centres as reported by India Today.
NEET PG seems to be a disadvantage for the common man especially the medical professionals at the government hospitals. The doctors feel that centre is forcing a decision on the state and they cannot gain much from the system.
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