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Class X school exams only for those not changing board

“Our policy is clear that a student should go for school based exam in Class X only if they are not changing the board. Otherwise, they should go for school based examinations and the school should ensure this,” the chairman said.

DU considers Informatics Practices on par with Computer Science

There is good news for those who have taken up Informatics Practices in Class XII. Delhi University on Tuesday confirmed that it would consider Informatics Practices on par with Computer Science course for students applying to the four year undergraduate programme… Continue Reading →

DU snubs CBSE on new admission guidelines

DU has chosen to go on with its decision of admitting students in the First Year Undergraduate Program (FYUP) on the basis of this newly introduced admission guideline.

CBSE asks DU to review its new admission guidelines

Delhi University has issued new admission guidelines according to which 2.5 per cent will be deducted from the percentile aggregate marks of the students who have taken up Informatics Practices in their class XII. They will be admitted into Four… Continue Reading →

Kerala CBSE schools want previous Class X CBSE exam back

“With such an option open, students are not aware of the importance of these exams. Also, there is a general attitude of callousness among parents and teachers. Hence, it is always better to stick to just one common exam conducted by the CBSE Board,” said experts in the field, the Indian Express reports.

Additional marks for attempting erroneous questions in JEE Main

Vineet Joshi, Chairman, CBSE in a statement said that all students would get 4 marks each in lieu of the dropped question. He added that it was a standard procedure practiced by the Board in cases where more than one correct answer option had been provided as answers to a question.

CBSE looking into the NCERT Class XI and XII Biology book corrections

AS per the complaint that the students have been bringing forth on the Errata that has been uploaded by the NCERT on their website is that although the some corrections had been made, to the errors which had been brought forth, but they are still to be properly indexed. This has created confusion on the topics which have been edited and the inability of the students to look them up.

CBSE introduces new electives for Class XI students

CBSE introduces New electives for Class XI students come 2014-15. The latest stint being in theatre, legal studies and general studies. Come 2014-15 students, Class XI and XII, will have the option of choosing from the above as an elective, it definitely is a turn from the humdrum courses running.

New NOC regulation will be adhered to: CBSE

CBSE, a year back, had announced that a schools recognised by the State government seeking provisional affiliation to the Board will not have to produce an NOC from the concerned State education department, except in specific cases