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SAT dropping essay requirements

David Coleman, who is the head of the College Board since 2012, in his statement, criticized the ‘test prep industry’ saying “The College Board cannot stand by while some test-prep providers intimidate parents at all levels of income into the belief that the only way they can secure their child’s success is to pay for costly test preparation and coaching. If we believe that assessment must be a force for equity and excellence, it’s time to shake things up.” He further added that the in order to provide equal opportunities to all students, the College Board will tie up with the non profit Khan Academy, which provides free tutorials and courses in various subjects online through the organization’s website.

Mixed reactions among foreign students to changes made to SAT exam

The first major changes to the SAT exam were announced by the company that administers two of the most popular US college admission tests.  There are mixed reactions on whether such changes will help or hurt international students interested in… Continue Reading →

SAT is all set to undergo major changes

Taking these exams still remains a debatable issue as they seldom provide a link to what is taught in high school. Further, the test also doesn’t aid in finding out as to how many and which of the answers were right and wrong and why. According to some, exams like SAT are no less than an ordeal or a severely trying experience that offers no utility to students in terms of learning and self assessment.

SAT to undergo changes by 2016

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, SAT college entrance test will be revamped. The test which was alone taken by more than 16lakh students the previous year will go through changes by the year 2016. This will be its first upgrade since… Continue Reading →