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Problem Solving Assessment handbooks made available by CBSE

The PSA is counted towards the FA-4, meaning it will add 10 per cent to the overall assessment of Class IX. The assessment is also carried forward to the FA4 in class X. The score will be reflected in Mathematics, Social Science, Science and one language (Hindi or English).

CBSE announces Problem Solving Assessment for Classes IX XI

Dr. Sadhana Parashar, Director- Academics, Research, Training and Innovation, notified the principals in the notice about the importance of the skills of verbal communication, analytical reasoning, critical thinking, creative thinking, decision making and generic skills. She mentioned the role that these skills play in being successful in the personal as well as professional front.

CBSE announces Handbook for PSA for class IX and XI

The handbooks for Class IX have already been made available through the coordinators of the respective cities and can also be found in the CBSE Regional Offices. Whereas the PSA handbooks for Class XI are only available at the Delhi CBSE Regional Office (Patpar Ganj- Delhi) and so can be ordered online.

CBSE grants another chance to schools for improving PSA

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) says it is going to grant one more chance to schools for providing the details of all candidates who want to boost performance in the Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) for class X and XII.