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Why NTRUHS plans to conduct online PGMET 2015 ?

“Learning from our experiences last year, we don’t take any chances this year. The government has given permission to conduct online test. With this we can put a check on the loopholes and bring in more transparency and accountability in the conduct of admission test”.

NTRUHS to conduct PGMET 2015 online

T Ravi Raju, Vice-Chancellor, NTRUHS, excerpted to The Hindu, The examination pattern was also changed such that the candidates have to answer questions based on images and case studies. Hitherto, they were given only multiple choice questions without any pictorial element in them.”

Bid farewell to pen and paper based PGMET – NTRUHS

While turning PGMET into an online-only exam will serve students and the administrators alike on several key fonts, to implement such massive changes without any major hiccups is likely to be met with various daunting challenges.