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CBSE bans recommending books other than NCERT

CBSE bans recommending books other than NCERT. Check more information on CBSE news regarding the circular issued for prescription of NCERT books.

Download NCERT books for free on ‘e-paathshala’

NCERT Textbooks are available online for free at the Union HRD ministry’s initiative “e-paathshala”. Those students, who are finding it difficult to procure NCERT textbooks, can download NCERT books for free on ‘e-paathshala’.

Only NCERT books to be taught in CBSE schools

Adhering to the orders passed by the CPI, the collectors of Indore and Dhar have taken the necessary measures. In Bhopal, similar measures were taken by Nikunj Shrivastava, the ex district collector to prevent the monopoly regarding the sale of books. Department officials have also admitted to the fact that parents had to bear the cost of unnecessary private books due to the lack of strict controlling.