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Another MBBS scam hits Madhya Pradesh

“After gaining illegal entry to medical colleges, ineligible candidates clear their session exams through revaluations or writing answer sheets in collusion with university officials”, Dr. Yadav told Gwalior SIT. In this new scam, the scammers exploited the standard practice of sending MBBS answer sheets for checking at universities. Students reportedly pay INR 50,000 to INR 1 lakh in their academic sessions.

Medical officer moves HC on illegal allotment of medical seats

Notices were also issued to the principal secretaries of home and the medical education department, Madhya Pradesh Professional Education Board (MPPEB), Directorate of Medical Education (DME), additional director general (ADG) of police in charge of special task force ( STF), seeking a verification on the matter. The court issued notices in the wake of a plea filed by Dr Anand Rai, a post graduate medical officer, seeking cancellation of admissions to the unethically allotted slots.