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Government considering single entrance test for Engineering

HRD Ministry considering single entrance test for engineering. Check out the news regarding proposal for holding single entrance test for engineering admissions.

HRD Ministry proposes Interest-free loans for all IIT students

The HRD ministry has proposed interest-free loan for all IIT students (entire tuition fee) under government’s ‘Vidyalakshmi’ scheme at the time of admission. According to the sources, the proposal will be approved by the IIT council shortly. Both the Chairperson of the IIT council and the HRD minister are entitled to take the decision.

HRD Ministry develops an aptitude test for school students

The Union HRD Ministry is developing an aptitude test that will help school students to assess their areas of interest in Class 10, and thereafter help in choosing their career.

All CBSE books to be made available online – HRD Minister

Union HRD minister Smriti Irani, who was inaugurating a new Kendriya Vidyalaya building in East Delhi, announced that “All CBSE books to be made available online for free” for the benefit of students and academic schools. The minister revealed that NCERT books have already been made available online for free (in the form of e-books and mobile apps).

HRD Panel suggests UGC to be scrapped

HRD ministry suggests UGC to be scrapped, says, that the regulator not only has “failed to fulfill its mandate”, but also has been ineffective while handling the emerging diverse complexities. Therefore, the panel recommended a new National Higher Education Authority that function through an act of Parliament.

UGC rolls out new website to receive Students Complaints

UGC launched a new website to receive Student’s Complaints with regard to reservation policy, faulty admission process, or discrimination on the basis of caste.

UGC emphasizing on Career Oriented Courses in Colleges and Universities

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is increasingly encouraging implementation of skill-based and career-oriented programs in colleges and universities across India. In order to make it easier for educational institutes to implement on its plans, the Commission has rolled out several new schemes.

Work overload won’t allow CBSE to conduct UGC NET in June-Report

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will not conduct National Eligibility Test (NET) in June due to work overload. The UGC sources have confirmed that it will conduct NET on its own if there are no alternatives.

HRD plans to offer lucrative packages to US scholars

HRD ministry is planning to introduce an attractive package U.S. scholars that will soon visit India for short term teaching as part of the Global Initiative of Academic Network (GIAN).

Admission in new IIMs clouded by Uncertainty and Confusion-Report

The government announced six new Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) last year. Even after the CAT scores are out, there are widespread confusions all around regarding how admission will take place at the newly set up IIMs.