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NMAT acquired by the Graduate Management Admission Council

Graduate Management Admission Council acquired NMAT (NMIMS Management Aptitude Test). The GMAC will now own full ownership and management of the NMAT exam which is likely to be re-branded as the “NMAT by GMAC”.

Poll predicts Better Jobs and More Pays for Management Graduates this year

Unlike recent post-recessionary years when many countries were pre-occupied with efforts to overcome financial challenges, the majority of companies represented in the 2014 poll are focused on expansion plans and growth, enabling more companies to hire – and even increase their hiring goals

New Score Reporting Feature for GMAT takers

Test takers you will be given the opportunity to immediately report or cancel their scores after taking the test or leaving the test center. Under the new process, the MBA aspirants view their unofficial scores – Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal, and total and will be given exactly two minutes to decide whether to accept them. The scores will be cancelled if they fail to take any decision. However, analytical writing assessment scores remain unaffected by the newly introduced policy.\

GMAT is less popular amongst Indian women

“As opposed to males, gross enrolment ratios for women in higher education are very low in India, and women pursuing higher education usually prefer streams like humanities and social sciences. China’s single child policy, which can enable higher literacy and gross enrolment ratios for women, also tilts the scales in its favour,” says Rohin Kapoor, Senior Manager , Education Practice at Deloitte, while trying to explain this lack of enthusiasm for GMAT amongst Indian women.

GMAC Board to Support Global Business and Management Education

Graduate Management Admission Council(R) (GMAC(R)) voted to approve $10 million for the establishment of a new fund to advance business and management education around the world