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CBSE to re-train teachers on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

The two workshops were divided into 23 sessions and retrained the teachers on different aspects of CCE including both the assessments, value based education, reporting and recording, gender sensitivity etc. According to Prof. B.L. Handoo, the schools should properly assess their specific books to determine whether they are gender neutral. The content is most of the books were found to be gender biased.

CBSE CCE will not be a child’s play , 25% marks in SA compulsory

CBSE CCE makes 25% marks in SA compulsory. CBSE class IX and X students will not only have to appear for both the SA but also score a minimum of 25%

Half-hearted response from CBSE’s post-exam proficiency test

Half-hearted response from CBSE’s post-exam proficiency test

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is not only providing Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme in Class X,but also it is going to offer an optional all-India ‘proficiency test’ in all subjects for Class X students from this year.