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CBSE introduces Financial Education lessons for students

CBSE has decided to introduce lessons of financial education for the students of Class 9th and 10th under its “School Bank Champs Project”.the students will be taught how to open a bank account, getting and using a debit card, internet banking and learn about various banking and financial products.

UGC waves green flag for 13 new vocational courses by CBSE

Sadhana Parashar, Academic Director, CBSE has earlier written to the UGC urging the organization to make proper consideration of the vocational subjects while admitting the students to the undergraduate courses at the college/university level. She further added that scheme of studies for all these academic subjects are rigorous in nature and are designed specifically keeping the current industry and the employment trend in mind. The students will face no difficulties by taking up these subjects after they pass out of class XII. The academic director also requested the organization to accommodate the names of these subjects in their information prospectus so that the students will be treated as eligible for admission to higher education as per their choice of courses.

CBSE vocational courses to be made compulsory

“India has only 5 per cent skilled workforce. But the need for skilled workers will grow by 2 per cent or more a year over the next five years. We want children to pick up real life applications at an early stage so that their skills can be honed over time and developed for the country’s better future,” said a CBSE official.