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HC orders CBSE to come clean on the errors in AIPMT

The petitioner confirmed that on June 18, a division bench of the high court had ordered the CBSE to verify its stand on the questions within a week. The court issued the directive on the basis of a petition filed him. “But the authorities failed to take any decision till date”, it was submitted before the court.

CBSEs revaluation decision might change fate of AIPMT aspirants

The counseling has been postponed in the state of Uttar Pradesh following the incident of the leak of question papers. Students on the borderline can hope for a new lease of life due to the change in marks.

HC asks CBSE to review all ambiguous questions within 7 days

The High Court issued the order while hearing a petition filed by Dr. Arvind Goyal, a resident of Chandigarh. Meanwhile, the division bench comprising Justice Harinder Singh Sidhu and Rajive Bhalla, adjourned the case for June 18.

HRD intervention requested for errors in Class XII books

It was due to this representation, the Board was forced to cancel three questions in the AIPMT paper which were based on the flaws. All candidates were awarded grace marks against these three questions.

HC asks CBSE to decide whether to put AIPMT answer keys online or not

The petitioner drew the court’s attention to earlier instances wherein he had pointed out mistakes in NCERT books of Biology for Classes XI and XII.