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Supreme Court against postponing of Civil Services exam 2014

The Supreme Court of India on Saturday stated the civil services exam 2014 must not be postponed.

In a special sitting, the bench comprising Justice Arun Mishra and Justice J.S. Khekar told the petitioner: “You raised only questions on comprehension part that has already been removed and the defect has been remedied. Further nine lakh students are ready to appear in the examination and it cannot be postponed.”

The petitioner, Angesh Kumar, is a candidate of this year’s civil services exam. After a widespread protest spearheaded by primarily the candidates from the so called “Hindi-belt” states, the Union Public Service Commission announced a major revamp in the new marking scheme for CSPE – 2014. The government had also made the provision for excluding the English comprehension section of Paper-II, a move that experts say may downgrade the quality of bureaucracy in the country.

The petitioner argued: “the skewed nature of the present pattern is manifested in the results where the percentage of successful candidates from urban English speaking background and Engineering/Science background has increased to the disadvantage of students from students of non urban background and Humanities stream Around 9 lakh students have applied to appear in the examination. It was felt by the larger section of the student belonging to humanities stream that the pattern was set with an intention to benefit candidates from management and technical background. Student all over India expressed grievances regarding the new pattern of exams.”

The petitioner argued that because the UPSC and the government initially did not not pay heed to their demands, a lot of precious time was wasted by students while protesting on the street.

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