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State Boards asked to stop Spiking of Marks for Boards Exams

State Boards must refrain from spiking marks, no moderation policy

To check on the spiking of marks has been an ongoing process in the news. CBSE-Central Board of Secondary Education and 32 other boards had developed a consensus on scrapping of the moderation policy April 2017. States like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, have decided to implement the policy change from this year.

With a view to check the number of students who scored more than 95% marks in their board exams, often leading to sky-high cut off marks during undergraduate college admissions, CBSE came up with the decision to scrap mark inflation. CBSE further added that a unilateral scrapping of the policy would put CBSE students at a disadvantage during UG college admissions, therefore it was important that all state boards also agree to it.

In October 2017 Anil Swarup, the Secretary to MHRD, Government of India, tweeted that states and boards have been issued advisory to check spiking of marks.

In order to ensure a transparent marking scheme and quality assessment of answer copies, CBSE then decided to forego marks moderation, last year.

State Boards had also been asked to stop mark spiking. The decision, apparently, has been taken so that marks scored by a student in board exams are a true reflection of the student’s performance. Just recently the Secretary to MHRD, remarked about the ‘farce relating to irrational spiking of marks’. 

As directed by the Delhi High Court, CBSE had to carry on with marks moderation policy last year, according to which the Board could not do away with policy since it was still in place when the students had filled the exam forms.

The CBSE had in 1992 adopted the practice of awarding grace marks of up to 15 per cent in certain papers if the questions are deemed to be difficult.

The CBSE had in December last requested the HRD Ministry to help develop a consensus among all state boards on scrapping the marks moderation policy which is considered as the reason behind very high scores in board exam results.

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