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Solved IIT JEE Question papers for Last 50 years coming soon

IIT’s may release solved JEE Question papers for the last 50 years
The Central Government and the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have decided jointly to release the last 50 years’ solved IIT JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) question papers. The decision has been taken in order to assist the students’ preparation for  the examination and reduce the influence of the coaching industry. The question papers will be released through an online portal and mobile app.
The IITs and HRD Ministry have decided to prepare the question papers on the basis of Class 12 syllabus in order to reduce the difficulty level of the exam. The move comes after a spate of suicide cases in Kota, Rajasthan which is famous for engineering coaching. At least half-a-dozen students have committed suicide in Kota this year, the latest one being on 28 April.
The IIT JEE Advanced exam is tough and requires more than being proficient in Class 12th syllabus which forces students to move to coaching institutes.  Earlier in August 2011, the Supreme Court had ruled that the the answer sheets be made public under the Right to Information Act.
The Government and HRD Ministry have asked the IIT council to ensure that the coming  exams confIrm to the class 12th syllabus and the make all the previous JEE papers available in 13 languages. Making the previous years’ question papers available is a good move and shall benefit the Engineering aspirants significantly.

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