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Six working days in CBSE Schools from 2015

CBSE may soon make it mandatory for all affiliated schools to have six functioning days a week at secondary and senior secondary level from 2015.

All schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) may soon be mandatorily required to have six functioning days a week at secondary and senior secondary level.

According to the Board, if the proposal is granted, CBSE schools will require adapting to the new system from 2015.

“In order to complete the 45 working hour per week as per the recommendation of RTE-Act 2009, a school needs to function for six days a week for 6 hours and 10 minutes on each day,” CBSE stated in a school curriculum published for 2015, NDTV reports.

The Board further stated that teachers may have to stay back for an additional 80 minutes after school hours for crucial operations such as planning, checking, preparation, follow up work, and so on.

The teachers will also require devoting a minimum of 1200 hours a year to the actual teaching in classes I-VIII. CBSE also specified that out of these 1200 hours, not more than 200 hours a year shall be devoted to remedial teaching.

According to the proposal, if a teacher is required devoting over 1200 hours to the actual teaching in classrooms and planning, he or she shall be paid extra remuneration at a pre-specified rate by the managing committee.

In addition, all teachers will be mandatorily required to spend at least 30 periods a week teaching in the classroom with rest of periods to be used for other activities such as planning and preparations.

The schools may be advised to follow an eight-periods-a-day schedule with the first and fifth periods lasting for 45 minutes, while the rests lasting for 40 minutes.


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