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Single National Entrance Exams on the cards !


Govt. planning to implement a NEET-like “One nation, one exam” for all streams

Following the success of the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET), the central government is planning to conduct similar examinations for other streams too. The idea is to extend the “one nation, one exam” to all streams that rely on entrance examinations for admission.



NEET is an unified national entrance exam for students who want to to pursue graduation in medical or dental. It also serves as the gateway for those looking to do their post graduation in MS or MD from a government or private college. NEET is administered by the CBSE.

While attending a function at the IIM Ahmedabad, Prakash Javadekar, the Human Resource Development (HRD) minister, stated: “The ‘One Nation, One Exam’ formula aims at replacing entrance tests for different courses across India with a single exam for each stream,” as reported in the section of press

“There is a proposal for a new bill with regards to IIMs to give more autonomy to these institutes in line with the IITs and NITs. The IIMs would have more power and would be able to offer graduate and postgraduate degrees to their students. Currently, IIMs cannot do so as these are registered as societies.”



Meanwhile, the minister has also announced that he will be meeting the Chairmen and Directors of all the IIMs in Shillong to review the functions of the institute. He is also expected to discuss the appointment of faculties in IIMs, as well as the issue of the reservation process during the meeting

“The expansion of education is almost done. Today, from KG (kindergarten) to PG (post-graduate) level, there are 27 crore students. Now the main objective is improvement in its quality,” the minister said.
Javadekar also said that he would go visit each and every institute to discuss with the teachers and faculties to know how the government can move forward with its agenda of improving the education system.



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