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Shocker – 10 lakh students drop out of UP Board Exam 2018. Why ? Read on

UP Board Exam

UP Board Exam, 10 lakh students drop out after crackdown of cheating


About 10 lakh students dropped out of the Uttar Pradesh state board exams. This came as a result of the steps taken by the state government against the education mafia who helps in providing unfair means of cheating to the students. The government implemented some anti-copying measures and tight screening to prevent cheating in the board exams.  


All examination centers are monitored by CCTV and a special task force. To conduct a fair exam, the government has taken the help of the Uttar Pradesh Police. Prohibitory orders under section 144 have been implemented hat imposes a ban on outsiders within a range of 200 meters of the examination center. Districts have been divided into zones, super zones and sectors. Phone numbers of some school owners of Agra have been kept on surveillance. On the day of the exams, the cell phones of officials and coordinators will also be tracked.


About 66.37 lakh students enrolled for the state board exams. Out of this 36,55,691 were for class 10 while 29,81,387 were for class 12. Two days after the exams started, 5 lakh students left the exam midway due to a crackdown.


Mr. Adityanath said that these are the numbers till now. They don’t know what will happen in the future. He asked the parents and teachers to provide a supportive environment to the students and not put any barrier on them.


Dinesh Sharma, Deputy Chief Minister said that the government will not allow copying, cheating and usurping the rights of the students at any cost. It is committed to ensuring a merit in the system. The Deputy Cm is making surprise inspections at various examination centers using the government chopper to make sure that the all the measures the government has taken to stop cheating are properly implemented.  
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