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Rs 1 lakh fine awaits on opting out of MBBS

NTR University of Health Sciences has come out with a way of dealing with the unprofessional conduct of the medical students who opt out of the course/ college after taking admission. The college will now be imposing a Rs 1 lakh fine on any student who cancels their admission without any definite reason. This penalty by the college will be applicable from the present academic session, i.e. 2014 session.

There have been some 15-20 students who had called off their admission after the completion of the second round of counseling, and thus leaving the management with the dilemma of filling seats on their own; reported The Times of India.

T Raviraju, Vice-Chancellor, NTRUHS, excerpted to TOI, “We have decided to impose a penalty of Rs one lakh on each student who opts out of the stream after getting admission in a particular college,” on the surprising clause being introduced and the levying of the huge penalty.

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Raviraju also mentioned that there would not be an issue if someone wanted to change their selection during the second counseling but the cancelling of admission puts at risk the admission of other meritorious candidates. The VC said that, “We do not know the exact reason as to why these students are going out of medical studies after getting a good rank and a seat in the college of their choice. We want to curb this practice,” while addressing the concerns of the rest of the students and making clear that the rest of the students need not panic as this fine was for students who were making a decision to deliberately opt out of the course.

Further, the Vice-Chancellor added that there were attempts being made to blacklist such candidates from being able to pursue the medical field for two years. Although the blacklist might only be imposed from the next session, keeping in mind this year’s experience.

Raviraju announced the university’s decision to distribute books free among the first 200 rank-holders from this academic session.

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