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Rise in number of CBSE students opting for state syllabus schools

Hoping for higher marks and education at a convenient cost, nearly 50 per cent of the students who have recently cleared the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class X examination have applied for the state syllabus schools. Out of the 70, 020 students who have appeared in the CBSE Board exam in Thiruvananthapuram region, consisting of schools in Kerala and Lakshadweep, 35, 081 students have applied for the schools offering state syllabus in class XI.

In recent times, the number of applying for the state board schools have increased at an alarming rate. The fact that students score higher marks in such schools and also the considerably lower rate of fees as compared to the private schools have largely contributed for the rise in trend. As per recent figures, in the year 2011-12, around 20, 106 students applied in the state syllabus schools. But in the year 2112-13, the number has soared up to 30,490 students and the year 1023-14; saw a further increase to 34,928 students from the CBSE. In contrast, the number of students from other boards like the ICS, IB etc. has been reduced to 15, 809 applicants this academic year from 30,546 applicants in the year 2011-12.

“The migration rate from CBSE schools to state boards in class XI is high this year. This indicates the high quality of education in state syllabus schools “, said K Mohana Kumar, joint director (examination), directorate of higher secondary education.

However, according to CBSE school principals, the rush to the state board schools is mainly because students can score more marks which further enhance their chance of a professional course in a reputed institution. Further, the state government’s decision that admission to engineering courses will be based on 50 per cent marks scored in physics, chemistry and mathematics and 50 per cent on the basis of marks scored in the entrance test, the students are compelled to take admission in the state syllabus schools.

“Students who score fewer marks in CBSE move to state board as they will easily score more in class XII. But this trend won’t last.” said TPM Ibrahim Khan, the Kerala CBSE School Management Association President

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