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Redress tool adopted by IIT for JEE Advanced

Candidates who have appeared for the JEE advanced test can now raise their complaints to the IITs, the organizers of the exam regarding mistakes in the question papers. This kind of arrangement has been made for the first time.

In accordance to a Delhi High Court order passed on Wednesday, even the IIT aspirants can take the above action. There can be two types of errors in the question papers – also referred to as the optical response sheet.

  •  In a multiple choice question, all the provided four answers are incorrect
  • There is no answer due to an incorrectly formulated question

 Corrections to such faults were earlier made by the IITs only if such issues were brought to notice by the newspapers and full marks were awarded to all the candidates for the concerned question. Even if taking such an action will not have any impact on the rankings of the candidates, but it may affect the cut off aggregate for some students required for admission and may hamper their chances.

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Several measures for fair play were adopted by the IITs for the admission of students for the past years under the Delhi High Court for the JEE Advanced.

Such measures include providing the candidates with a carbon copy of their answer sheet just after the exam. Then a document – also known as the answer key is published and it carries the correct answers for the questions. So, the candidates can properly match the two sheets and rightfully clear all their queries and doubts.

The order passed by the Delhi High Court on Wednesday was based on a petition that was filed by an IIT Kharagpur professor to control the irregularities in the entrance exam for IIT.

The JEE Main exam for the year 2014 is conducted by IIT Kharagpur and according to an official; the system has been introduced to seek the students’ feedback.

After adopting the students’ feedback system by the JEE Main earlier this year, 16 marks were awarded to the students after detection of errors in four questions. The test which is conducted by CBSE did not wait for orders from the court to take help of the system.

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