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Govt. relaxes criteria for recruitment of foreign teachers in IITs

Home ministry relaxes criteria for recruitment of foreign teachers in IITs

 After the Union Home Ministry’s decision to relax existing norms, hiring foreign teachers has become a lot easier for IITs and other technical education institutes in the country.

In what could be termed as a big boost to the IITs plan of hiring teachers from overseas, the home ministry has relaxed the existing income criteria for grant of employment visa to foreign faculties.

With this move, IITs can now recruit faculties from foreign countries with a salary of $14,000 per annum as per the new norms. Previously, visas were not granted to those who would pocket a salary of less than $25,000 per annum.

The revised norms, however, will remain valid for only two years (up to December 31, 2015) after which it will be reviewed for evaluation of progress in the hiring of foreign faculties.

“We have already informed the IITs about the relaxation in norms,” an HRD ministry official stated. He further added that the new norms will be of immense help for any institute that has been experiencing shortage of faculties.

The move will also help the National  Institute of Technologies (NITs) as well as central universities that intend to recruit foreign faculties.

It is worth mentioning here that the new norms will be only for the recruitment of teaching faculties and not for exclusive research positions. Also, they won’t be applicable for foreign nationals from countries like China, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, when asked about the recent reports of many foreign students admitted to IIT Kanpur experiencing difficulties in local police stations during the registration process, the official stated that the matter has been taken up and a solution will be offered at the earliest possible. As per existing rules, any foreign student studying in an Indian institute or university must have themselves registered at a local police station within a fortnight of arrival.

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