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Ramakrishna Mission to help CBSE develop Value Based Education Program

Seems like CBSE wants no stones unturned to help students grow with good values. In order to accomplish this objective, the board is now turning to Ramakrishna Mission, founded by Swami Vivekananda. According to reports, Ramakrishna Mission will be tasked with initiating value education for students of class VII, VIII and IX.

This is likely to form parts of CBSE’s multi-layered approach to make value education a realistic possibility and integrate it with other regular curriculum by training teachers, designing activities, and organizing special sessions with students.

Ramakrishna Mission to help CBSE develop Value Based Education Program. The Mission will be aimed at developing a three-year comprehensive value education program based on the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. According to CBSE, this new program will help students to become good citizens while simultaneously handling different life situations.

“The programme consists of a total 48 sessions of 45 minutes each – 16 modules for each class. The entire programme is based on Swamiji’s message of infinite potential in every individual which can be manifested as excellence in every walk of life,” the CBSE stated in a circular sent to all schools earlier this month, India Today reports.

The curricular will allow students an insight into the new understanding of religion as science of consciousness, faith in humanity, purity, love for neighbors, patience as well as other important lessons of Swami Vivekananda.

CBSE says the program will “empower students in a real and tangible way and help them develop as enlightened citizens enabling them to stand on their own feet. Such students will not only do well for themselves but will also have the larger interest of the society”.

Even though it has been developed by Ramakrishna Mission, schools will be conducting it through their own teachers.

“In the first year, nearly 700 teachers from about 350 schools in Delhi will be trained in implementing the programme in secondary classes. More batches will go through the training in subsequent years,” a CBSE official said.

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2 Responses to “Ramakrishna Mission to help CBSE develop Value Based Education Program”

  1. R.Rameshkumar says:

    Beloved Indians,
    I am very happy to knew this news. Because now most of the peoples are in inferiority complex. They are daily facing multiple problems in his/her life. But they don’t know how to face. Swami Vivekananda says
    “If the room is dark, do you go about beating your chest and crying, “It is dark, dark, dark!” No, the only way to get the light is to strike a light, and then the darkness goes.
    The only way to realize the light above you is to strike the spiritual light within you, and the darkness of sin and impurity will flee away. Think of your higher self, not of your lower.”.

    This is the only way to raise india


    Most honored swaamin
    I am vidisa maringanti praying your order for kind acceptance to take suitable training to better my personality and season my character with nobler qualities. I am a post graduate in bio technology from OSMANIA UNIVERSITY and preparing for competitive examination csir. but due to many a lapses in perception and purity of philosophy of self regulation and control I could not yet achieve the goal. kindly enable me to take some good advice and make myself useful to the society at large.
    yours sincerely
    vidisa maringanti