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President approves NEET ordinance – States exempted for 2016

NEET ordinance gets Presidents Approval

The NEET ordinance exempting the states from the common medical entrance exam for the current year had been approved by the Union Cabinet on Friday and  sent to the President for his consent on Saturday. The President on Tuesday signed the said ordinance, which partially overturns the Supreme Court order declaring the examination as the only gateway for medical and dental admissions across the country.
The Union health minister J.P. Nadda had met the President Pranab Mukherjee on Monday to address his queries on the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).
The Apex Court’s order states that all the private medical colleges and deemed universities will be covered under the said examination.
This ordinance exempts the state government seats and also the state seats earmarked in the private medical colleges.For the current academic year, the examination will be applicable only to those students who are seeking admission in Central government colleges or private medical colleges.
However, all the institutions will have to accept NEET from the next academic year.

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2 Responses to “President approves NEET ordinance – States exempted for 2016”

  1. Anurag says:

    Though all the stakeholders agree with the implementation of NEET there are diverse views on its implementation. There are three important issues which need to be addressed.

    First, the student-friendly and merit-based system for NEET could affect the commercial interests of Private Colleges.

    Secondly, it is unfair to make students from different educational and social backgrounds appear for a common test as there is no uniformity in the curriculum and standards between CBSE and state boards.

    Thirdly, NEET does not address the issues of Tamil Nadu and other States.

  2. Naga says:

    When the CBSE syllabus is tougher than Stateboard syllabus and getting marks in CBSE board is very hard,how the seats are allotted on the basis of only marksscored.,for MBBS admission inTamilnadu.This is not fair.

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