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PGI Chandigarh to introduce Fool Proof security for MD MS Entrance Exams

PGI Chandigarh to introduce Fool Proof security for MD MS Entrance Exams

No more cheating in Entrance Exams as impersonators may not be able to fool the 3 tier biometric system.In the last exam, almost eight months ago that the institute had hit the news after two of its junior resident doctors got admission fraudulently after someone else impersonated for them in the entrance exam.

To check all this and make the Entrance Exam fool-proof, PGIMER will for the first time introduce a three-tier biometric system during the ensuing MD/ MS exams. In the biometric system under which the thumb impression, finger print and photograph of the candidate sitting in the examination would be taken and then be stored in a database.  Also see PGI Chandigarh MD, MS Entrance Exam Notification

PGI will be the second Institute in the Country (first in North) after  Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research, Puducherry, which has such a mechanism in place during examinations. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi has only a trial run going on for this system.

Explaining how the system would work, Dr Amod Gupta, head of the Advanced Eye Centre and Department of Opthalmology and PGI Dean, said, “ After all the candidates have reached the examination centre, portable biometric machines would be used to take individual thumb impressions and finger prints. A picture would also be clicked on the spot. This information would be stored in PGI’s database. Later at the time of counseling, this information would again be tallied with the successful candidates. Even till this juncture, someone can get away with impersonation. But to make it fool-proof, we are going to match the same information with those candidates who would later join the respective departments.”

The authorities are already in the process of procuring these portable biometric machines from the manufacturing companies. The MD/ MS entrance exam would be held in the last week of this month and counseling is expected to start in mid-June.

Interestingly, PGI started videographing the entrance tests for admission to nursing and medical technologist courses years ago after suspecting some foul play in the admission process. However, such a mechanism was not in place for the MD entrance tests.

The two junior resident doctors of PGI were arrested by the CBI on charges of fraudulently securing admission to the post-graduate (PG) course, and PGI had also suspended them after discovering their unlawful activities.

Source:  Indian Express

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