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PG Medical admissions in Andhra Pradesh through PGMET 2015

Andhra Government Gives Final Nod to PGMET 2015

Medical examsThe uncertainties surrounding the Post Graduate Medical Entrance Test (PGMET) 2015 are now resolved once and for all after the Andhra Pradesh government gave its final nod to the NTR University of Health Sciences (NTRUHS) to go ahead and conduct the examination.

The Telangana government had already given its consent to the exam way back in November. The responsibility now lies entirely with the NTRUHS to schedule a date for the exam. According to information available in the public domain, the entrance exam is likely to be held in the first week of March.

The NTRUHS administration has already proposed to the government that PGMET 2015 should be an online exam in the same line as the super-specialty entrance test and M.Sc (nursing).

NTRUHS officials have already started making arrangements such as preparing the question papers, working out the seat matrix, and so on. If everything goes as planned, the exam will be conducted online at designated centers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra government’s delay in response was primarily due to procedural issues, official sources revealed. Contrary to the popular belief in some quarters, the government had no disagreement whatsoever on making PGMET 2015 a joint examination.

The final confirmation came from the Andhra government three days ago and the Registrar has since being seized of the matter.

Now the immediate challenge that lies ahead of NTRUHS is to find a suitable agency capable of administering the exam online in a smooth, flawless and transparent manner.

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