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PCI warns students against LPU’s pharmacy distance education courses

Lovely Professional University In a recent news the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) had made evident that the there are numerous institutes running the distance education courses in pharmacy which are not recognised by the PCI. Pharmacy Council of India has issued a cautionary warning to the aspiring candidates of its industry. PCI has alerted the pharmacy students that the distance education pharmacy courses do not seem to be recognised by the PCI u/s 12 of the Pharmacy Act for the purpose of registration as a pharmacist.

In its earlier reports, PCI had warned aspirants against LPU’s pharmacy distance education courses . PCI has now issued a direct warning that Lovley Professional University  is not the right place to be pursuing courses in Pharmacy through distance education mode.

The Council has issued cautioned students against numerous courses being run in LPU by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences are not approved under the Pharmacy Act. The unapproved courses are as follows

  • BS Pharmacy–MBA (Dual Degree)
  • BS Pharmacy-M. Pharmacy (Dual Degree)
  • BS Pharmacy
  • B Pharmacy – MBA (Dual Degree)
  • B Pharmacy-M Pharmacy (Dual Degree)

It goes without saying that the students pursuing these courses will not be eligible for registration as a pharmacist to practice the profession under the Pharmacy Act, the PCI notice said.

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