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Do not appoint PhD holders without NET as teachers says NET rank holders

Stirring a new controversy, the rank holders of UGC National Eligibility Test have alleges large-scale irregularities in the award of doctorates, urging universities and colleges across the country not to appoint PhD holders without NET qualification as teachers.

In general, NET qualification is the official recommendation by University Grants Commission (UGC) to colleges and universities when it comes to appointing appointments. However, PhD holders are usually exempted from it.

“The State Higher Education Department had issued an order exempting researchers without proper coursework from NET qualification. This is a blatant violation of UGC regulations on teachers’ appointments,” said P Sreejith of UGC Qualified Group – an association of UGC NET rank holders.

The UGC qualified group has contracted the governor of Kerala urging him to revoke the government order that all PhD holders who qualified their doctorate on or before 10 July, 2009 and who have registered before this period will be deemed exempted from NET.

“We are basically opposed to the way in which weightage is given to PhD holders for publication of research papers in reputed journals.

It is often alleged that such papers are typically ghost written by research guides and hence, awarding weightage for such unfair practice can no way be justified.

“Giving weightage to PhD holders for published research material puts NET qualified candidates at a disadvantage. Besides, more and more people are misusing PhD as a way to get relaxation from NET qualification,” the group stated.

Because NET is a benchmark for the aptitude in research and teaching, to dilute it to accommodate undeserving PhD holders will eventually lead to deterioration of the higher education statndards, said Seejith.

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