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Non MCI approved pvt medical colleges prohibited from charging high fee

In a stern message to all private medical colleges across the country, the Supreme Court of India has stated that those without Medical Council of India (MCI) clearance should refrain from charging high fees from their students.

It was only earlier this month (September 18) when SC permitted private medical colleges without MCI clearance to admit students for the 2014-15 academic calendar. That verdict indeed came as a huge relief for many as under existing MCI policies, no private medical colleges without MCI clearance has the authority to admit students.

However, barely a week later, the apex court issued a clarification on its earlier verdict stating that these colleges must keep their admission fees at par or less with that charged by government medical colleges. Not only that, the SC also said that those students admitted this year will be paying the same fees at the rate applicable in government medical colleges until they pass out.

“Fees chargeable from students admitted pursuant to our September 18 order shall be at the same rate as applicable to students in government medical colleges in respective states and such fees shall be at the same levels as that of the government medical colleges till the students so admitted pass out from the private medical colleges or institutions,” read the SC verdict.

The bench hearing the case also said that in the current academic year, only students from the state quota list can be granted admission.

“There shall not be any management quota list to be sent to the private colleges or institutions taking the benefit under our September 18 order. The management quota shall also be filled through the state list and the fees chargeable for the management quota shall also be charged at the same levels and rates as applicable to state quota list.”.

“Our order shall also apply to all similarly situated institutions irrespective of the fact whether any petitions were or are pending in this court or in any of the high courts or even if they had not approached any court at all. This order shall also apply even in cases where there were orders of stay in favour of MCI restraining colleges from admitting students for the current academic year,” the bench added.

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2 Responses to “Non MCI approved pvt medical colleges prohibited from charging high fee”

  1. manoj says:

    What will be the future of students if any college do not get MCI approval afterwards.

  2. M RAJAGOPAL says:

    Dear Sir,
    While there was hue and cry that MCI inspection created such a havoc that the admission could not be done by some of the Medical Colleges.But when relief was offered by the Hon’ble SC to go ahead with the admission into the MBBS course in those institutions with the condition to make up the deficiancies as mentioned by MCI,then how many of the Medical Institutions have admitted students as per the SC order.It shows that these institutions have only false grievances that the action of the MCI inspection is wrong and not given them chances to rectify the deficiancies.In future what will be the stand of these institutions for such lapses and how they will approach recourse through legal means

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