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No Re-Evaluation Of CBSE Class 12 Marks


CBSE Says Starting 2017, There Will Be No Re-Evaluation Of Class 12 Marks

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced that the mechanism facilitating the re-evaluation of marks obtained in class XII board exams will be withdrawn from 2017.
As of 2016 class XII board exams, CBSE was allowing re-evaluation of marks for 10 of the roughly 250 subjects in the event a student was not satisfied with his or her marks. Worth noting, the re-evaluation of marks for class XII boards was introduced only a couple of years back in 2014.



Citing input from a senior CBSE official, a report by the Hindu states that CBSE is discontinuing the provision because there were very few complaints from students in the past few years and. In addition to that, among all the complaints the board had received, only a tiny fraction was found to be genuine.
“The requests for re-evaluation are too few: just about 1.8 per cent of the candidates who appeared for Class 12. Among these too, very few are found to be genuine requests. Just about 0.05 per cent of the requests — which would be about 500 candidates — are found to be genuine,” the official reportedly said.
He also clarified that the evaluation system was actually a three-tier process aimed to leave no possibility of an error. According to him, the board also had to make arrangements for compartment examinations each year and given the immense pressure and the low number of re-evaluation requests it was receiving, the discontinuation of the process was found to be much more feasible.



When asked what steps the board is going to take to address the genuine complaints about the evaluation, CBSE chairperson Rajesh Chaturvedi stated that an internal committee could examine such requests.
The board is yet to take a final decision on the future of the re-evaluation system in place for class X board exams.


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