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New UGC Policy – research scholars to lose registration if guilty of plagiarism




Research students guilty of plagiarism will lose registration

According to the new UGC policy, if the research scholars have plagiarized someone else’s work, their registration can be canceled. If they are found guilty of plagiarizing, they will be disqualified from supervising any student, denied annual increments and could be disbarred from publishing.


Researchers can lose their registration if 60% plagiarism is found,
Less than 60%, researchers will get a chance to revise their works.
Every faculty, researcher and MPhil/ PhD student should be provided access to plagiarism detection tools.
The University Grants Commission has a zero tolerance towards plagiarism. So, in the light of this, a new policy had to be drafted.
Here are some of the clauses of the policy:

  1.  According to the draft policy, there are three levels of penalties for those who are being caught for plagiarism. In the Level 1 and Level 2 offense, which is less than 60% similarities, a chance would be given to the researcher to revise his/her work. For the Level 3 offense, which has 60% similarities, the registration of the researcher will be canceled. That’s for the non-core areas. For the core areas, plagiarism will not be tolerated (Core work includes, abstract, summary, hypothesis, recommendations, observations, results and at last, conclusion).

  3. All the Universities and colleges across the country have to set up a Plagiarism Disciplinary Authority (PDA), an Academic Misconduct Panel (AMP), and install plagiarism detection software.

  5. The new policy states that the work done by the researcher, staff, faculty or the student should be 100% original. There is a Zero Tolerance Policy on Plagiarism. If it is found, the PDA of the Higher Education Institutions, the maximum penalty will be imposed.

  7. If you find anyone plagiarizing his/her work, report them to the designated authority of the university. The University will then refer the case to the AMP which will submit a report to the PDA.

  9. All the students are required to submit an undertaking along with the dissertation, thesis, reports and term papers stating that the documents have been prepared by him and are 100% original.

  11. Every M.Phil/Ph.D. student, researcher, and faculty will be provided access to the plagiarism detection software to look their content for any unwanted plagiarism.

  13.  Also, it is made compulsory for all the HEIs to submit the soft copies of INFLIBNET (Information and Library Network) of all the M Phil. and Ph.D. dissertations. Along with the dissertations, the thesis will also be submitted after the degrees are awarded for hosting the digital repository under the “Shodh Ganga e-repository” program.

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