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New UGC guidelines to include all aspects of Technical Institutes


From next academic session onwards, all technical institutions across the country will be regularized by the universities they are affiliated to. New UGC guidelines to include all aspects of Technical Institutes. This new move to be introduced by the University Grants Commission (UGC) comes after a key Supreme Court ruling that stated any college affiliated to a university don’t come under the purview of “technical institute” as defined by the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Institute) Act.

Following the SC ruling, the UGC came up with a new draft of guidelines for ensuring smooth implementation of all regulatory steps including approval of new programs, enacting new technical institutes and closing old ones.

The draft guidelines, according to reports, is being prepared exclusively under the UGC regulation, 2013 and it will define all aspects of running a technical institute.

Issued on Dec 3, the draft proposed regulations for determining the intake capacity of individual colleges, adding integrated programs, enacting new institutes, and so on. The new draft clearly states that all technical institutes from now on will require permission from their affiliating universities and not the AICTE.

The UGC guidelines also state that no colleges will be granted permission to offer new programs without the approval of the universities they are affiliated to. In addition, universities are also likely to keep maintaining a list of unapproved colleges (as was done by AICTE) so they can inform the public as well as the UGC from time to time.

Any college or institute that violates these guidelines may have to face penal civil action including revokal of UGC approval. Such colleges will be barred from running again before they complete 2 years from the date of the revokal.

Meanwhile, the UGC has appealed colleges, universities and stakeholders to help make the guidelines more practical by offering their valuable feedback.

“There may not be any significant changes. Confusion might arise now due to the limited control given to the AICTE. We are still not sure if the diploma courses which are regularized by us will remain under our purview or not. These polytechnic institutions are in no way connected to the university, and therefore cannot be regularized by them,” said an official from the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Times of India reports.

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