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New UGC guidelines for higher education proposed

UGCThe University Grants Commission has issued a complete set of new guidelines which states that the students will now get two extra years to complete their course beyond its normal time period and qualify for a degree. UGC has observed that the universities in India adopt different time periods for the students to complete the graduation and post graduation degrees. To make a uniform policy for all universities, UGC had created an expert committee to address the issue.


What are the proposed New UGC guidelines for higher education?

As per the new guidelines issued by UGC, the students who are unable to complete the course within the normal time period will be given two extra years to clear the exams for qualifying a degree. Normally no student will be given any chance beyond the extended time period of two years, however, in special cases they may also get a third chance.

As told by a UGC official, a student will be considered a private candidate during the extended time period and will not be eligible for any ranking. The new UGC guidelines are applicable to all the undergraduate and postgraduate courses.



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