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New Measure by CBSE to Fight Admission Fraud

With admissions just around the corner, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) today put up a notice on its website in an attempt to curb and discourage parents and guardians from paying bribes to any board official, middleman or school authorities to facilitate admission for their wards.

New Measure by CBSE to Fight Admission Fraud. Expressing concern at the rampant allegations of corruption regarding admissions, CBSE’s Public Relations Officer Rama Sharma said “ The primary reason for the notice was to make the concerned parents/ guardians aware that they could contact the Board directly to express their grievances if any such methods came to their attention regarding both admissions or scholarships,” the Times of India reports.

She also stated that a vigilance committee has been set up by the Board to facilitate this.

Hailing the move as a step in the right direction, Avnita Bir, principal of a reputed school in Mumbai stated that even though the Right to Education Act (RTE) makes it compulsory for all schools to have at least a quarter of their total available seats reserved for underprivileged children, an overwhelming proportion of the parents are either ignorant about it, or simply cannot benefit from it.

Needless to say, this more often than not leads to some parents being duped by mischievous elements. Sharma also applauded the fact that now parents could directly contact the Chairman of the Board about issues related to bribery and corruption.

According to some observers, the issue seems to be more rampant in Delhi compared to many other cities including Mumbai. Meanwhile, many education rights activists and experts have now called on the state boards to follow suit and bring forth their own mechanisms to tackle the issue.

Arundhati Chavan, president, PTA United Forum said “Grievances of parents in admission related corruption cases are quite common. We have earlier requested for the State Board to set up a complaint redressal cell for the parents. But no steps have been taken in this regard till date.”

Chavan added by saying that a lot of parents who raised the issue officially were either mistreated, or simply ignored by the concerned Admission boards. She also urged that the government should step forward to help the board effectively exterminate the issue from roots.

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