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New JEE rule upsets JEE Main aspirants

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New JEE rule upsets JEE Main aspirants

New CBSE JEE rule has created a chaos among the JEE Main aspirants. The new rule has made it tough for the JEE pass candidates to get admission in their dream colleges.

Uncertainty in the normalizing procedure of JEE Main rank has upset the expected ranks of students and has made their future hanging in between.

According to the new norm, marks of class XII would get 40% weightage and JEE marks will contain 60% weightage to decide all India JEE rank.

But the result of this rule is such that a student with a high score in JEE (main) and not so low percentage in Class XII (for example 90%) could have a rank much lower than a friend who scored less in JEE (main) but had a higher percentage in the board result.

Students, for whom it was an easy task to get admission in their dream college only with the JEE marks, have been forced to face the rejection after the inclusion of boards marks.

According to these students, it was not mentioned earlier that this inclusion of board marks will be based on percentile basis.

Counseling session would be held at all the colleges and centers of Punjab Technical University on July 16, in the National Institutes of Technology on July 21 and in the Panjab University on July 16.


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6 Responses to “New JEE rule upsets JEE Main aspirants”

  1. Amit says:

    This year jee main result create trouble to lots of students.

  2. vikas says:

    this is worst situation and students are suffering and because of this suspense full situation . I think this injustice to students.we must act against.

  3. R K MISHRA says:

    I don’t understand the procedure of CBSE Board marks normalization procedure. Qualifying Examination Normalized score of CBSE is very
    low as compare with State Board with the same % marks obtained in the
    board , why?

  4. rajeev sharma says:

    This was well anticipated.all students and their all kiths and kins should fight against this black rule of Kapil sibbal.He is the man behind complete destruction of country’s once very good education system.Despite how good has a candidate written his exam ,he cant sleep with ease.this uncertainty will definitely drive more students to suicides. Thanx Sibal ji for your reforms.You introduced this ridiculous system boasting to reduce the number of exams and forms ,one has to fill.People now know well that none of it is achieved.you, one of most intelligent persons of our country,cant play with future and emotions of your children.Please revert it before ur govt falls .

  5. Anshul Mehta says:

    i don’t know how the cbse comparing the board marks with all india entrance
    test …… test is much difficult then board exam.Board marks can b get by
    just craming but the test want to be a good knowledge

  6. kanishk sharma says:

    i simply can’t understand the jee procedure this year..firstly the category system was a huge problem and now this normalization method has made it worse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1